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Crowd Coursing

Crowd Coursing

Every mind is unique and every thought is valuable. We believe that with proper accommodation of thoughts and ideas, we as a community can achieve way more than our present potential. Therefore, we at VAK services have come up with an innovative way of designing courses which is bound to revolutionize the way people look at corporate training. We call it The Crowd Coursing.

The course structures and requirements for specific needs, (say, a group of peers wanting to specialize in cloud computing and management skills), are customized to the hilt. The idea here is simple – You decide the course combination, and we make it happen.

All Encompassing Growth Models

Usually, the training courses are designed to include a specific thought process in terms of industry needs and employee compatibility. Of course, some other factors which help design the programs are career needs, project adaptability, hierarchical gradation etc. However, these factors only heed the fulfillment of specific needs and targets. And therefore, you get what you need. But only that.

To go forward not only in a linear fashion, but in a comprehensive way, you will need to have strengths beyond your immediate requirement. In a way, your best training courses will always need to have an open group learning ethos to it. More minds give out more depth to the programs included. And thereby these collective thoughts are threaded into a fabric of overall development. Thereby, creating the best training courses for the entrepreneur streak within you. It’s not just about the professional growth, but with us on your side, you can achieve more than that.